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Brenda Morgan

First, I want to express my gratitude to Michelle and the Half Moon Power Yoga community for all of their efforts to keep us connected during a time that could be very isolating for many. It is important to me to contribute in any way that I can for the safety and health of my friends and community. I feel privileged that Michelle asked me to inform and remind you of ways that you can improve and sustain your physical, mental and emotional health.
I know that we are receiving lots of emails with tips and advice on how to keep ourselves healthy. I am hoping that using this Checklist daily will help you to feel empowered and serve as reminders of daily & weekly things that you can do to take charge of your health.
It will also help to give you a sense of purpose and distract you from any boredom that may arise. In my practice, I have found that many of us might turn to making choices that might not be the best for our physical, mental and emotional health. During times of boredom, stress, anxiety and/or lonliness, some revert to behaviors that may be self-destructive or undermining goals that we know would make us happier in the long run.
Keep yourself busy with positive, productive, life-enhancing activities. Print this self-care-checklist and refer to it daily to remind yourself of those habits that will serve you best.
  • Consume whole, unprocessed foods
  • Eat lots of vegetables & fruits to boost & maintain your immune system
  • Choose whole grains
  • Avoid sugar and refined, processed foods
  • Prepare your own meals at home
  • Breathe through your nose
  • Meditate
  • Stress less – give yourself a break
  • Laugh
  • SLEEP!!!
  • Everybody, move your body!
  • Enjoy the outdoors
  • Wash your hands as though you just convinced your husband to kill the rightful king and you can’t seem to get the blood out.
  • Keep learning, read, get smarter
  • Do that thing that you have been wanting to do for so long
  • Choose your own adventure
  • _________________________________________________________
  • _________________________________________________________
Each blog in this series will expand on one or two of the items on this checklist. Please let me know which subjects interest you the most.
Next Up: Ways to Boost & Enhance Your Immune System
(Hint: Many of the items on the Checklist above)
With Love, Kisses & Namaste,
Brenda Morgan
A Health Warrior
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