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On March 23, 2016, the (custom made) barn door of Half Moon Power Yoga in San Antonio, Texas slid open.  Mats were rolled out onto the freshly stained floor, the in-studio tree scented the air and soon the sounds of ‘OM’ and ujjayi breathes filled the space.  Celebrating the one year anniversary of Half Moon Power Yoga, owners Patrick Mills and Michelle Hamilton reflect on the first year and share their hopes for the years to come.

Who came up with the name Half Moon Power Yoga?

Patrick: It was from many brainstorming sessions. We eventually did a Facebook Poll on our top three names and Half Moon Power Yoga was the clear winner

Michelle: We wanted to choose a name that fit our mission statement.  Half Moon is a pose that can feel a little shaky and, at times, vulnerable, but when you get grounded and focus on your energy you can find so much growth and opening in the pose.  We felt like that represented our space well.

How was the location selected? 

 Patrick: 4 Reasons: the space was available, fit our budget, was in a good location and the landlord was flexible.

What 3 words describe how you were feeling a year ago when you opened the studio?

Patrick:   Excited, a bit scared, open to possibilities

MichelleExcited, scared, hopeful


What 3 words describe how you feel about the studio today?

Patrick: Love!  Community!  Home!

Michelle: Proud.  Grateful. Inspired.


What is one of your top moments at HMPY in the last year?

Patrick: It’s really not a moment but the journey. Being a part of other people’s journey and simply being a part of this community. It’s such an honor and I do not take it for granted one bit.

Michelle: Opening our studio up for Teacher Training. It was something we had planned to do from the beginning, but we weren’t sure how all the pieces would fit together to make it happen.  It all just came together.  I love that our first YTT began on our One Year Anniversary.

Has anything surprised you about the studio or community?

Patrick: How similar building this business is to raising a child. It has its moments and can be challenging at times but it’s also something that is so rewarding in the long run.

Michelle: How smooth the process has been.  Not to say that there haven’t been any bumps or challenges, but overall they have been pretty mild.  We set our intention, opened the doors and the community has built itself exactly as we envisioned it would be.

That post-class sweaty glow!

What are your hopes for the studio a year from now?

Patrick:  It’s my hope that HMPY continues to grow and develop the personality and fit that serves the San Antonio community in the best way possible.

Michelle: More growth, more connection, more community outreach.  That HMPY will continue to build a connected community both in and out of the studio.  I also want to be a studio that comes alongside new yoga teachers, to train and mentor and be a part of their journey.

What 3 words would you use to describe each other?

Patrick (of Michelle): Tenacious, driven, caring

Michelle (of Patrick): Diligent, caring, dependable.

Michelle and Patrick

How would you describe the HMPY community?

Patrick: Family!  A diverse group of people that have bonded together to create a safe, warm and inviting space for anyone to discover or rediscover what it’s like to be able to live from a place of authenticity.

Michelle: Loving.  They are living out our mission statement as like minded people who come together and support each other.  I’m so grateful for how the community also supports Patrick and me as instructors and business owners.  It’s a big Texan yogi family.




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