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February is a month that brings LOVE to the forefront.  Stores are full of pink and red hearts, chocolate and roses.  Children excitedly pick out Valentines to share with friends while restaurants advertise romantic meals for two.  Because I embrace any holiday that encourages me to eat chocolate, I’m a fan of Valentines Day.  But I’m a much bigger fan of celebrating love beyond the 14th of February.

With all that is happening in our country and world this particular February, we need to intentionally and deliberately looks for ways to celebrate and share love.  Now more than ever, love is needed.

Love Yourself

You can’t pour from an empty vessel.   Find ways to love yourself, to honor your unique and incredible self.   Learn what it is that fills you up and do more of that!  Perhaps it’s going to yoga, reading, volunteering, cooking or creating. When you connect with and truly nourish yourself, you start to glow as only someone who is living their purpose can glow.  That glow shines light on all those who cross your path.

Love Your People

Who are the people in your life that need your love?  Who might need a little more of your compassion?  Patience? Forgiveness?

When my kids start to fight (as siblings do), I often make them say 3-4 good things about each other.  I’ve started doing the same thing in my mind when I get upset with someone in my daily life.  Whether it’s a Facebook friend with different political views or a family member, stopping to notice and acknowledge the things about that person that are good and positive makes a huge difference in my attitude toward that person.

Share Your Yoga

We all have different reasons for practicing yoga.  Many of us have multiple reasons!  Some days I practice to push myself out of my comfort zone.  Other days I practice to retreat deeper into myself and move through a more gentle and introspective practice.  Whatever it was that brought you to yoga and whatever it is that keeps you doing yoga, you probably know a person (or two) who could use some yoga in their lives.  Be the one that brings someone to their first class.  Help them with their yoga mat and know what to expect.  Share an encouraging smile with them as they practice.

Bring a friend to yoga this month.  It’s easy to register by following this LINK

This month and every month we love our Half Moon Power Yoga Community.  All of us at studio are beyond grateful for the wonderful people that walk into our studio each day.  Our hearts fill up as we watch friendships form, commitments to yoga strengthen and share a laugh or sweaty hug after class.


Join us at Half Moon Power Yoga on Friday 2/10 for a special Valentine’s Day class and celebration!

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