New to Yoga?

At Half Moon Power Yoga, the most important thing to know is to HAVE FUN!

It’s important to always keep a sense of humor about your practice. But whether you’re new to yoga or just new with Half Moon, below are things to do or know that should help you start out on the right foot.

Be Sure To…

Here’s What To Bring

Water – Fluids to stay hydrated are essential. Drink before, during and after exercise.  We have a water cooler in the studio to refill your bottle.

A Towel – Many of our classes are heated to 85-90 degrees. You will likely sweat.

A Mat – And don’t worry, you can use a complementary towel and mat on your first visit. After that, if you ever forget, we rent and sell mats towels and more in our retail store located at the entrance of the studio.

Remember Your Manners

Arrive on time—If this is your first class, try to show up at least fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled class time to allow plenty of time to register and take a brief tour of our studio.

Stay for the full class time—The goal of yoga is to calm the mind. Out of respect for our fellow yogis, please stay for the duration of the scheduled class.

Appropriate attire—Cleanliness is key and be comfortable with clothing that allows you to move freely and be sure to factor in the heat if this is a heated class.

Honor your body—Acknowledge how you are showing up on your mat today. Listen to your body.  If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it—Modify.